Turn your solar into Capital.

Unlock the value of your existing solar PV system.

Turn your solar
into capital. Today.

At Solar Buyback we provide businesses with a way of unlocking the value of an existing solar PV system from the balance sheet.

Whether you require capital to invest in new equipment or plant, improve existing facilities, develop new products or simply to repay borrowings, we can help.

You will continue to benefit from free solar electricity and we will also manage and maintain the system at no additional cost to you, so that you have complete peace of mind.

How it works

1. Valuation

Fill out the simple form and receive a free, accurate valuation of your Feed-In Tariff. If you are happy with the valuation, one of our team members will arrange for a technical survey at your home.

2. Paperwork

Nobody likes paperwork, but we think it’s worth spending a little extra time to ensure our customers can sell their Feed-InTariff in a safe, legal and risk free way. We take care of the entire process for you.

3. Payment

We will transfer the full tax free sum to your account, leaving you free to spend your money how you want to. You’ll still get your free electricity and your panels will be maintained at no cost.

Case Studies

FW Mansfields

Based in Kent, Mansfields is one of the largest fruit growing, storage and packing operations in the UK. They pick, pack and store more than 25,000 assorted tonnes of…

Get a valuation. Today.