Just In Case You Were Wondering…


Just In Case You Were Wondering…

How do you value my Solar PV system?

Each system is calculated based on 3 elements:
1. The size of your system
2. How much electricity it has generated
3. The installation date

Is the payment Tax-Free?

Yes, the money you receive for your Feed-In-Tariff is tax-free and the money will be paid straight in to your chosen bank account.

What happens to my electricity saving?

Your free electricity will not be affected and you will continue to benefit from the energy savings!

Can I still sell my property?

Yes, you can still sell your property. Ideally, the panels will stay on your roof for at least the duration of the Feed-In-Tariff term. This could add value to your property and mean that the new owners benefit from all the free electricity produced. If the buyers do not wish to keep the panels on the roof, there is a break clause in our lease to accommodate this, however this will incur a cost. You will have the option to buy back your Feed-In-Tariff at any time if you no longer wish to keep them on the property.

I’m Selling My House – Is Now a good Time To Sell My Feed-In-Tariff?

If you are in the process of completing the sale of your home, we do recommend that selling your Feed-In-Tariff is not advised as it is a mandatory process for us to register an ‘Air-Space’ Lease with Land Registry before we can complete the acquisition. This can therefore hold up the sale of your property as this would need to be completed before any new homeowners move in to your home and it is therefore in our interest not to hold up any potential sale. However, if you are looking to sell your home then please do speak to our team and we can advise you on the time-frames to complete prior to selling your home so you have complete comfort.

Can I still sell my Feed-In-Tariff if my Solar PV system was installed after April 2012?

We are open to any system of any size, whether it be domestic, commercial or large scale solar farms. Our dedicated team will provide you a figure based on the length of time the system has been installed, its performance to date and the rate of your Feed-In-Tariff that is being paid.

What if I change my mind at any point?

At Solar Buyback Solutions we always aim to be fair and transparent. Our valuations are free and you are under no obligation to sell your Feed-In-Tariff if you haven’t yet signed the Solar Buyback Contract. Once you sign your Solar Buyback Contract you have a 14 day cooling off period of which you can choose to cancel should you wish.

What happens once I accept the offer?

If you are happy with your valuation and wish to accept our offer, our team will contact you to book a technical survey with one of our experienced surveyors who will confirm the information you submitted on the website. We’ll then give you a Solar Buyback pack with all necessary documents, and you simply need to sign and return those to us. Once we have received them we can process the sale of your Feed-In-Tariff and on completion payment will be made directly in to your chosen bank account. If you need any assistance with filling out the documentation our team will be on hand to help.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Depending on whether your home is mortgaged or not the process can take between 6-12 weeks from initial enquiry to completion. As part of our process we will manage the paperwork on your behalf to ensure all necessary consents have been granted, this includes registering your Lease Agreement with Land Registry and seeking the necessary consent from your mortgage provider. Please note that during this time, you will still continue to receive your Feed-In-Tariff payments as normal, until the day we complete the Transfer of Ownership.

What if I have more than one system or have a commercial Solar PV system?

We have successfully managed the acquisitions of commercially owned rooftop systems, over 10MW of ground mount Solar PV as well as working with portfolio owners with multiple domestic systems. We are interested in all system sizes, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to assess your requirements.

Do I have to maintain the system? What if something goes wrong with the system?

No need to worry! We will remotely monitor, manage and maintain your Solar PV system throughout the lifetime of its operation at no extra to you.

Will you install a new generation meter?

Yes, as part of our Feed-In-Tariff transfer process we do install a new generation meter. The new meter will allow us to monitor your readings and update us of its performance remotely so you will not have to worry about future readings or any phone calls from utility providers. When we install your new generation meter the solar generation will still be assigned to you up until the day we complete the Transfer of Ownership and payment to you.

Can I buy the Feed-In-Tariff back?

Yes, within our legal pack we provide you a ‘Buy-Out’ clause, should you wish to buy the Feed-In-Tariff back from us. The buy-out clause is based on a simple sliding scale scenario based on the size of your system and the remaining term of the Feed-In-Tariff. Should you ever wish to trigger the buy-out clause, our support team will be on hand to advise you on this figure.

How Much Could You Sell Your Feed-In-Tariff For?